Crownstone and LoRa

To support the DoBots crownstone we are currently developing a LoRa2Crownstone gateway.


Lora Wan development

2-Way long range communication at adaptive bitrates for the IoT


SigFox Ultra Narrow Band

The SigFox M2M and IoT network is low throughput and scalability at its best.


Hockey Tracker

Radar for tracking a hockey ball and measuring its speed.

Hockey Tracker

Otheruse Open Hardware

Otheruse is honoring (where possible) the principle that anyone should be able to see the source of our hardware designs, study them, modify them and share them. As a result we will become better engineers.


Any-thing connected

The world currently experiencing a rapid increase of devices connected to the internet. This number will only increase further. We offer our services to help you discover, prototype and build the next generation of concepts, apps and services that will power the Internet of Things.


Frontline Research

To keep our skills and technology on the cutting edge we are participating in frontline research projects. We do this by either partcipating as a company or as subcontractors in your projects.


Smart Manufacturing

Technology Site Planners (TECH SITE) specializes in providing evaluation, design, construction, and post-construction services for mission critical.